La Mer est la Mère

Always, toujours….I have dreamt…the Nile flowing Northward, against the pull of gravity

Free as the heart that soars above inequity…the cormorant disappears into the sea…a black ghost

free from the battle which ensues above

unbeknownst to this ghost, the human heart holds within a war

violence strikes the theatre in darkness

and the deafness of those who cling closer to their guns rings a trillion gongs in the ears of the dead

God and Guns

you are the poisonous soup

the Chefs in their mansions are serving it…force fed to the masses

it only works on an empty head…so be sure and fail your classes…

watch your television and eat your cardboard food…

worship your fearless leader in the sky who passes judgement with blinded eyes….

You are not a sinner they say if you stand behind these doors…if you eat our poisoned soup…and judge the world on our accord.

We face the devils own…an emperor without clothes…the false piety…the hypocrite… who abuses the word of the divine breath

To stand with heart against the bullets…is to flow ever Northward….the poles are turning…

the atoms are smashing and seeing through the sickening disguise to the reality of infinite space-time….

you and i are released…..

oh toxic world, brothers and sisters drowning….

mothers and fathers sick and dying….

feel the force that lies within….

let it surge through the years and layers of sickened skin…

you are all warriors of the heart…

and every day…we have a chance for a brand new start….

make your mark by leaving none….taking less…and giving some….

they would have you drown holding onto the wight of ignorance…..

cast these stones aside and rise up, upward…upon the current of your own Nile.


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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