The Sea in Me

The Sea….dark and deep, vast as the Universe, wild as the heart that flies upon flights of fancy….

And yet, each drop…a breath of air and something more….the spherical reflective illusive drop of dew…holding within, the world…

My blood courses through this body, the sea and I are one….plucked from the abyss of indigo blue, I was born to exist between space and time… water finding its own way through cracks in the pavement.

Time is nothing but a metaphor for our own awareness coming into existence…

We were born when we met, life floated upon a feather…and our Earthly bodies could not keep up with the songs of our hearts…so we slept in the dark, sometimes alone but always apart….

a part from the whole…. which was always waiting for our awakening….and is still…the faithful hand of the divine….

Outstretched across eternity…across the thoughts that blind us, the hurt that strives to shut us down, the words of those against us, the blinding rain which washes all of this away and will remake our physical forms….

The Warrior Heart….remains strident and strong….true to the last….burning any lingering doubt in the fire of her mind….

Strive on, my distant brother…..our time has come.



About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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