Skin….in the summer, sultry, sweat….Akin

Yes…yesterday…as real as this thought, manifesting on my tongue….

and yes, yet I ought…. do, done, should have come and gone, maybe just a little differently….

But I would rather, have always rather done things my own way…

save and persevere that same sense of mystery the World gave to me…

when I was just the years of three staring into the sky….the clouds passing by…and my mind lost in the infinite Blue.


You are my indigo sky….I am your Moon….I follow you into the abyss and we are locked to one another across all time…

Like this…Souls who bodies cannot separate…who time has owned and owed and paid and returned, we…the endless horizon meeting the Sea.


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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  1. Anonymous

    Sitting in a tree!!!

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