I am calling you out

After years of living within the web of your lies

after decieving myself before I went out and defended you to everyone else

after pretending in our plastic castle that the fires weren’t lapping at our steps

I will never return

I have left the marsh and the swaying palms

and they cast long shadows across the road behind me

the sweat has all but left my summer skin

I am away

I am away on a ship with destination

no longer will I sit and listen to your idle hopes

and false promises

you have cut me loose

and I am free from your noose

Remember when you curse me this

the man at our door on Christmas Eve

to cut our electricity

the absence in the pantry

and yet you still could smoke cigarettes and play poker on Sunday

Remember how you left my side after our little baby was born

to climb on the roof and saw down limbs?

Did you ever think to do a load of laundry or wash the dishes

or if you did it was a celebratory event

praise apon your lazyiness

and now where are you?

Abandoned all the promises of yesterday

delusional one

Whilst you reach that middle finger to the sky in my general direction

know that I am true

and all your lies will never protect you

the decay inside is only yours to wear now.


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer


  1. shaaron

    f—-in great ! ! ! read and weep, dude

  2. Bjorn Cook

    In the darkness of our long journey towards the souls tranquility
    we, those of us who dare to let the mind
    and our emotions be set free
    must – always – be betrayed in our faith
    as we chose for purpose of penance
    because only then – in pain – is the soul set free from the fetters of the mind

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