Fog is Also Good Weather

In this particularly gray misty day

I ran through a field of dandelions and  tall wet grass

I felt childlike unable to see the horizon

the water so deep disappearing into the gut of gray swirling

and still

the particles only noticeable to the discerning eye of the calm observer

Should my eye see you there in this vast expanse of suspended time

a lone wanderer such as myself

your soul is a peaceful place and you have the dark quilt of laughter

such as I do

to conceal the precious

good you still believe this maddening world imbues

The dandelions time is dependent upon the fog

the mowers will not mow in this misty mire

and so the little yellow buds are allowed a few more days of mercy

and my sneakers trod the soft wet earth

in this quiet we are one

breathing creature

the world and my legs carrying me onward

to tomorrow

where all the sunrises of forever await


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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