Paradox Performer

Caught in the place of break and remorse
This Maine this heart has what in all thoughts should be severed from the vein
Blessed friend sweet sanctuary salvation survives all other pale attempts to seize to deliver the merit of this meat and procure in prolific profanity all that I am and so much more.
Sweet rapture sweet ardor has held these limbs between long complicated fingers
Who sought in twilight the corridors of my soul
Only to attain sheets torn from a bed that remembers in it’s crevices our bodies intertwined a dragon eating it’s tail eating a dragon eating it’s head. The pressure of love is indeed a pulsating load seeking salvation within flesh designed to desire the unforgiving mass
Designed to deliver the fruit of these loins and seize upon life unadulterated I will be the one who strives despite everything…
You know this
You saw this written in the haze that was my breath
Upon a thousand myriad windowpanes
You tried to clean me from your eyes
But I am etched within the echoes of your mind


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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