Will to begin

will to create

the something beyond myself

the rain is washing us all away

in waves i watch my heart beat away

through barren fields of altered states

I am the sex sliding

slip of sorrow

the yesterday with no tomorrow

with burden and pardon

myself from you


no emotion

let us exist as though these things  no  longer matter

as though you no longer care

that you love the feel of my fingers running through your hair

we shall pray that we can be devoid of love

whilst we solve the problems of our own wee worlds


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer


  1. you wrote a lovely piece here on this page i enjoyed reading it.

  2. Anonymous

    Who is the person you are always writing too? i have wanted to ask for many years, is it you? is it a universal YOU? i enjoy ur writing im just curious?

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