tiny things grow around me

it’s Thursday again

I’m watching a bag blow in the wind

and a stick misplaced from its tree

lying awkwardly and vulnerable on the sidewalk

the most pathetic Hyacinth is trying earnestly in the flower bed just there to be


you were yesterday in my arms

and I have no recollection of planning to become conscious of this absence

in fact I was planning on thinking about drawing or writing something good,  great, decent

Instead, insistently invading my inward motions

the deviations from thoughts cause

road blocks leading to one way signs

and detours that end in the same damn thing

a Twilight Zone of mental meanderings

broken record

I am surely taking back to the record store

there is no familiar hiss and hum, a faint crackling followed symphonically and stereophonically

so I watch the plastic as it flutters and above it birds are soaring and here

somewhere in the forsaken middle

i am arranging buttons on my coat

i am preparing for adventures solo

and wine and decadence into which i will pour reflections

as the city flows about me

i am caught like a leaf upon the breeze on this blustery eve

yet I am a statue still

transfixed to the core

immutable immovable

growing invisibly.


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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