she moves

I can’t make it come from the pure center

all times

too much to ask

a tall order

I want to go to New Mexico

in a caravan

across the desert


each other

at the altar of sunlight and sand

finding the old souls of the great poets

the writers and painters

who forsaking their city lives

moved west

and made love in adobe homes

high above barren plateaus

here in this time of question and answer

here in this time of waiting for the mercy of Spring

set afoot


in dormant heart’s

wild desire

I picture a picturesque scene

i play in my mind like a movie screen

cheer and good will

love and peace flowing

a geyser they can’t hold back

no matter how hard they try to convince us

that it doesn’t exist or can never be

because I can see it

right here before me

and dammit they can never kill the dream inside me


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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