this I am told

happened somewhere across the world

the Earth moved

time  stood still

and before she could fall into motion again

the ripple had shaken the sea

and the sea had taken the people

into her belly

then man’s trials began

the plants and factories

the big churning wheel

grinding to an immutable halt

what poison is this cried Earth

and spewed again the poison back to man

we will be the debtors

to our untold debts

and all our figures

meaningless estimates

until we see

our brothers and sisters in arms


across the seas

this story is maddening

this travesty

is another notch in our sadistic belt

the wicked fight for power and rights to lay savage

what bounty there is left

we must not let them win

this fight.


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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