the greek

how uncanny that we should meet, twixt this fold in fabric

in fate

tied to the same principles you and I


lost brothers and sisters fallen from falling stars

haphazardly we negotiate the dark corridors and passageways

of society’s proprieties

look within my eyes and see

conceive of the notion

you have already been

long ago

and here we are the tortured souls imprisoned by our rebelliously vertical bodies

let us down the curtain of falsehood

and wear only the pure intention

your blood drips into mine and the fever is magnified by the fire in your eyes

once again I wade through the pool of your velvet love

once again I am embraced by the intensity of your gaze

fixed upon my body for these thousand days

and years

maybe more

the sand has enrobed us and we are evermore.



About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

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