I need a full spectrum lamp

when the prospect of Prozac is appealing I must be feeling winter duldrums

I kind of love the outdoors right now but I have this cough and it has gotten ten degrees colder

which means it is ten degrees outside

ten is too cold

crawling into bed with a paper and a good movie

and some quiet, ah quiet

when you have it too long you forget the peace in it and when it’s gone you crave the absence of chaos

I actually quite enjoy a particular quiet, the soft hum of my children playing contently

so there is my perfect day

warm toes  under blankets curling around one another and happy giggles in the room next to mine

while I uninterruptedly and luxuriously finish a novel and rain hits the roof and the window pane so that if I might have any urges to leave this perfect nest, they would be quickly dismissed as ridiculous!

To these days….I travel


About binaryLady

Front-End Wiz and Full stack developer

One comment

  1. mum

    There are lots and lots of lovely toe curling days under covers in the wintertime here in Maine, glad you’re here to enjoy it with us!

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