flying fears and fables

I am functioning on very little sleep so please bear with me.

Blindly fumbling in the dark to acquire accouterments for a barfing baby, amidst cuddles and coos and three A.M. sleep deprived blues.

Here I am awake but not awakened, the shadow of sleep still creeps by my eyes a palm frond in the breeze so easily to slip beneath this

blanket of dreams. I seek on my radio dial but I do not find the station which is enrobed by Christian talk and song, where is my National Public Radio?

I must  find you Terry Gross!

So I will sip several more cups of coffee and simulate what I wish would stimulate

At least I have accomplished this!

Post of the day, today.


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One comment

  1. Oh nice. I’m just now trying to conceive my first baby, so I’m finding anything to do with motherhood *fascinating*.

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