Friday, September 11th, 2009… This great date of significance that rings aloud in our ears, when we say the numbers aloud ‘911’ Catastrophe turned war ploy- and now seven years into our new wars and eight years past the said date, where are we as a country? Schools filing up with kids and emptied of teachers. Prison systems bursting at the seams, a war on drugs that puts millions of our nations’ poor youth behind bars pretty much preparing them for nothing more than a life in crime, what soldiers would there be to fight against if we did not create them?
How long will our blindness endure? How long will we take what they feed us with a spoonful of sugar and lie down as their medicine does its work?
Is life not worth fighting for? Is love no longer true? Or is it all some virtual message we can experience vicariously from the comfort of our own couch?


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  1. Cookie

    How long will our blindness endure?
    Forever!! or until the day your nation opens it's collective eyes and minds to fully embrace the world outside, accepting it for its myriads of faceted differences.
    I think it was Bush jr who once said: "We're violent nation – and we react violently when we feel threatened" whether this 'threat' is totally imaginary or not is neither here nor there – mission will thus always be accomplished! It's en par with discussing the root causes and final conclusion of the US Civil War.
    If you threaten or abuse other peoples will and freedom or attempt with force to impose your culture on theirs – largely because you imagine yourself to be:
    a. Bigger
    b. Stronger
    c. Your might is therefore right
    – they will come and get you! The Romans in the end learnt this axiom the hard way. There are a whole lot more of them than you out there – and as we all have to die sometime, it might as well be for something the individual believes worth defending. Those nations through history that lived by expansionism through perpetually defending themselves against imaginary bogey-men at their neighbours expense – invariably imploded. The Catholic Empire is real example.
    Any nation or republic that believes "Gott mit Uns" as in a. through c. above shall fail, as history conclusivly proves. Or, worse, it builds a wall to hide behind – as China once did – and still does. One was made from rocks – the second political fear – fear of the outside.

  2. shaz

    pity, isn’t it some people need to use your website to express their political views. it is your website afterall. if we wished to read their opinions one would travel to their site. please spare us your ‘insight’. thanks.

  3. Fran

    Sonia, the only date you should be thinking about is December 28th. It’s easy to remember, it’s just a few days after your Mums birthday 😉

    No really, cool website! Keep up the good work!

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