Starbuxx Re-visited

Yes I worked at Starbucks I was a barrista. Yes, every Sunday I hurriedly drive to my local coffee house hailing the Melville Charactors namesake as there own. And yes, I am once again returning to the place where hundreds, possibly thousands of my own hard earned dollars have been exchanged for sugary coffee beverages in order to once again profit for my own means. I am having an art show at Starbucks, pictures to follow.
Stay Tuned. . .


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  1. mimi

    I can’t wait to see and hear about the joint venture with Starbucky’s! There’s a cool article in the NYT, as opposed to nyt, today and it show how much clout 3 Seattle-based companies have on literature and now we are encompassing/embrassing visual arts! Hurrah for Starbucks, and Costco….hurrah for commercialism in art….hurrah, hurrah….no more starving artists, or writers, ever again will our society have to suffer that outrage. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. And now I will get down and text message my daughter, my son and my ex-husband. Bye for now…sorry, bfn.

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