I made a sweet potato, red potato and shredded chicken curry for dinner over wilted spinach and Jasmine rice, Yum!!!!
It was a beautiful day today, worked some more on my knitting and am making frames for my new works, they are beautiful we have this fantastic new miter saw and it just makes it so much easier to do miter cuts!!
Dust bunnies multiply as fast as real bunnies.
{I have a friend she lives in roses, blooming and diminishing, who knows? she never notices
I can’t get through to her, within the layer of armor she conceals what is true to her and only when convenient to her will she reveal,
but though I am dire I can’t help but admire the strength in her straight shot heart and foresight mind
it never loses rhythm, never loses time
and its a mind I’d like to unwind, to take apart the cogs and wheels and see the mechanism that’s inside
but what if I appointed the mind resolver, anointed, were to unlock the key and through the door find that the room is empty
no I prefer to live with knowing less then she is even showing while I can still abide by being by the side of a sister I can’t entirely confide}
a poem or not


About binaryLady

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  1. mimi

    you know some people can only really exist by asking their friends to suspend disbelief, criticism, and doubt. As long as you don’t ask for explanations they are fine. Do not expect normal societal behavior from these people, they don’t want to be a part of that. They want to be free!! The problem is they can only be free if their friends can suspend disbelief successfully for long periods of time. I love who and what you are.

  2. A

    this is what I was talking about, beautifully written..hope you found a bunch of treasures when you unlocked that room 🙂

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