my mouth is trying to kill me

I need a root canal did I mention that already, I don’t know but I cannot escape the pulsating rhythm of pain in the upper left quadrant of my mouth, I am a whiner! it makes me feel better, here is a quote: an eye for an eye will leave the head of humanity blind-Ghandi.
Now off to search for images-inspiration-be well all


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One comment

  1. mimi

    there’s nothing worse than an ache in your head. It’s not like you can wrap it up in a warm towel, or put it in a sling, or apply a potion to it. the head is the source of all pain, physical, mental or spiritual. This has got to be your what? Third or fourth root canal? I am so sorry you have pain, if you were here in the snowy, blizzardy, northeast I would put you to bed, cover you with duvets, make some sort of soothing tea and give you an aspirin to help ease the pain. I am sorry. I love you. Mimi xoxoxoxox

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